The main driving force behind is to make connectable embedded systems that can rapidly transform into different projects if the need arises.

So there's a range of boards that do different things, all with common connections and all you have to do is plug them together to get pretty amazing projects.

The applications can be educational, hobby or Industrial. There's a range of Tabs to perform various functions within these categories.



A key difference between tabs and other similar looking competitors is that our boards often combine multiple functions into one board.

For example, our motor Driver boards include a combination of a motor-driver-IC as well as a power-supply (VREG) so that you can power the microcontroller from the motor-power source without needing a seperate power supply.

Another example is the CharLCD, where the backplane-board has connectors so that a microcontroller can be added directly, along with spare I/O for adding Buttons. Giving virtually a whole useable computer system ready to go.


Many of the Tabs can be daisy-chained. So you can connect them end-to-end in different combinations. This is helpful to achieve more functionality and reduce the difficulty when debugging different circuits.

List of Tabs

  • Digital LED Board
  • Digital Button
  • I2C Temperature Sensor
  • Coin Cell Battery Board
  • I2C 2x16 Character LCD
  • uC-Attiny85
  • Bluetooth
  • Voltmeter
  • H-Bridge
  • Breakout
  • N-Mosfet