Bring along your own Processor, or use one of ours.

The software framework will work on many different processors becuase it's cross-platform c++.

Our Microcontroller offering is based on the AVR Attiny85. Which is the smallest version of the microcontroller found in the Arduino.

Using our IoT Framework, there's no lock-in to any processor. You can write an application that will work on any processor from an Attiny85, Arduino, Raspberry-Pi up to Linux Machines in a data-centre.



The ESP8266-01 is a tiny wifi board with an Expressif processor and wifi capability that makes it ideal for IoT applications.

The board features easy to use AT commands or LUA to allow you to connect to access points and set up TCPIP Servers and Clients for giving quite a powerful computer for a very affordable price.

Atmel AVR T/85


The Atmet AVR T/85 is one of AVR's smallest processors and has only 8 pins. It's in a way AVR's equivilent to the PIC range and is ideal when assigned to simple tasks that only involve a few pins.

Even though it's small in size and has 8K memory, it's still perfectly big enough to do many jobs in either the hobbyist, education or commercial worlds.

It has internal ADC's (Analog-Digital-Convertors) that allow it to read voltages, temperatures and then Digital ports for switching things on or off, or transmitting data to the internet.