RaspberryPi Vertical Dock

Thursday, October 24 2013 @ 09:07 AM

RaspberryPi Vertical Dock

RaspberryPi-Vertical Dock

The latest revision of the Raspberry-Pi vertical dock is now available.

It features:

  • 3 x Digital Ports
  • 2 x I2C Ports
  • 1 x Serial Port
  • 1 x SPI Port
  • 1 x 600mA Onboard Regulator with Built in Fuse for powering peripherals

This Dock breaks out all of the GPIO pins of the Raspberry-Pi and provides additional power so that you don't exceed the 50mA available from the Raspberry-Pis tiny internal regulator.

Any of the clixx.io peripheral Tabs can be plugged into the appropriate pin headers. Programming is then done through your favourite programming language.

You can easily combine this with any of the following Tabs:

  • Button/LED Boards
  • Temperature/Movement Sensors
  • Radio Boards
  • Amplified Speaker Boards
  • SOIC8 Adaptors