The ESP8266-01 is a tiny wifi board with an Expressif processor and wifi capability that makes it ideal for IoT applications.

The board features easy to use AT commands to allow you to connect to access points and set up TCPIP Servers and Clients for giving quite a powerful computer for a very affordable price.

ESP8266-01 System (Dock)


The Dock for the ESP8266-01 allows you to add peripherals in seconds and get started using the module straight away.

Build Simple Systems Quickly


It's really easy to make simple IoT systems.

Just take the ESP-8266 module and plug in the Tab you want into the top. Connect power, upload some software and that's all you need for a working system.

These aren't the only combinations but just a few to illustrate what's possible.



Uses for the ESP8266+Dial would include anything you want to turn up or down. The system can be made to transmit the value of the dial. You could:

  • Open and close anything, for example a door, window, blind or shutter
  • change the colour of RGB-LEDs
  • ESP8266+Button


    The ESP8266+Button might be handy for turning things On or Off such as lights, doors or whatever you can think of.



    The ESP8266+Temp-Sensor will give you a small and powerful temperature monitoring system. It's basically just to provide temperature push-notifications of the temperature at a particular location.

    Starter Kit


    There's a Starter-Kit available that gives you everything you need to get going making projects for home or work.